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Model number:BS500 glue wrapping machine


Speed:0.6-1.0mm rubber coated steel wire production, the speed is 500-550m/min; 1.25-2.0mm rubber coated steel wire production, with a speed of 200-450m/min

Product details:

1Paying off:tension frame, the speed of large and small rollers is automatically adjusted.

2Cleaning and steam blowing steel wire: quickly clean the dirt on the surface of the steel wire. After steam blowing, remove the water vapor on the surface, keep it dry and clean!

3Heating: UHF / HF heating equipment is adopted, which plays a key role in the quality of rubber coated steel wire.

4Centering: professional straightening device ensures that the steel wire is always aligned with the middle of the mold, and the production quality is more stable.

5Extrusion: screw extruder is mainly responsible for extrusion and coating. The equipment is started with one button.

6Detection device: self detect the quality. If there is a defective product, the alarm will sound immediately.

7Wire out: if the quality of the coated steel wire is not in place, it will be classified and processed by itself, waiting for recycling or rework.

8Winding up: the winding up cabinet control system can be used for language setting, equipment flow, data setting, line parameter setting, fault alarm and point meter control; Vertical winding is adopted, and customers can also choose other winding methods.

Product advantage

Processing flow

  • Setting out

  • Cleaning wire

  • Steam blowing

  • Heating

  • Centering

  • Winding

  • main machine threading

  • Detection and alarm

  • Cooling

  • pet gluing

Customer service

Provide professional technical support, on-site guidance application

The warranty is one year, during which the vulnerable parts are replaced free of charge.

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